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Key Service Offerings from Innocrux

Empowering Development & Operations


Our DevOps solutions and microservices together speed-up the software development process on the cloud. Microservices enable smaller modules of the application, each of which can be built and deployed by multiple DevOps teams for an efficient roll-out.

Digital Engineering

As a DevOps service provider, we are ever-evolving with the changes in technology. Our Digital Engineering accelerates new and legacy applications towards a modern digital approach that transforms customer needs with focused adaptability and quality.

Legacy Application Modernization

Our DevOps consulting team helps you stay ahead by modernizing critical legacy applications. After a deep assessment, our specialists work on reinventing the app to make it more agile and adaptable to modern customer needs.

DevOps Automation

Innocrux offers automated DevOps solutions and services, thus ensuring the performance of tasks with reduced human interaction. This enables faster deployment of the application by facilitating interactions between development & operations, keeping them in sync.

Products from Innocrux

Customizable Products for unique Business needs

Communicate seamlessly with

Stay connected with interactive & secure solutions


Chat & Messaging

Engaging Texting experience

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Voice & Video Call

Smooth & Immersive Calling

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Video & Audio Conferencing

Intuitive Group Discussions

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SIP Trunking

Reliable, Unified Communication

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Stream your content seamlessly with

unrelenting streaming for a top-notch user experience


Video streaming

Unparalleled viewing experience

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Audio streaming

Seamless high-quality Audio

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OTT Streaming

Flawless content anytime, anywhere

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Live Streaming

Latency-free, real-time experience

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Encode & Transcode your content Seamlessly with

Adaptive & efficient protocols for a hassle-free playback



Lower storage & faster videos

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Adaptive Bitrate streaming

High quality & low buffering

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Multi-codec delivery

Improved compatibility across devices

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Digital Rights Management

High encryption standards

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Our solution works on Cloud Technology and On Premises

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