DevOps Services for unified Development & operations

Transforming software delivery and IT operations

DevOps CoE setup

Innocrux is the best DevOps service provider in India to build a skilled team of CoE for consistency and best practices in your organization.

Dedicated consulting team

Get the best DevOps consulting services with Innocrux’s dedicated team of experts skilled in various streams collaborating for an effective adoption at lower layers.

Strategic Partnerships

Innocrux as a DevOps consulting company is acknowledged with reputed associations and certification from AWS, Azure, Kubernetes and the likes.

DevOps Proof of concept

With DevOps Proof of Concept services, test drive development tools and operation processes at a small scale before a full-fledged implementation.

Technical Expertise

Ensure best-in-class DevOps implementation with our versatile team of consultants skilled with latest tools and technologies for a unified IT development and operations.

Collaborative DevSecOps Approach

Shielding DevOps with Integrated Security

Take full advantage of the DevOps model by implementing and integrating end-to-end IT security right from the Development stage. This integral approach with security gates throughout the SDLC, keeps the DevOps process agile, efficient and safe.

The application’s effectiveness highly improves, with security being a part of the entire app life cycle. This way of automated security-integrated development reduces risk & cost and ensures a robust infrastructure.

With innovative technologies like containers & microservices, it is important to adapt to modern security guidelines. By integrating security measures across short and frequent development cycles, the operations will be prone to minimal disruptions.

End-to-End DevOps Implementation Process

Agile. Flexible. Secure

  • Continuous Planning
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Testing
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Continuous Security
  • Continuous Monitoring & Feedback

Continuous Planning

As a reliable DevOps service provider, Innocrux involves continuous planning with the client to keep the application agile and flexible. With frequent follow-ups, we make sure the client’s expectations are met with well-coordinated development & operations for hassle-free deployment.

Continuous Integration

‘DevOps as a service’ is a model with integration & collaboration at heart. Our Developers continuously engage with the operations and vice versa, for shared responsibilities and a transparent environment. This facilitates a better understanding of the end-user needs to create an error-free application.

Continuous Testing

Continuous testing is an inevitable part of our DevOps implementation service. Frequent and automated testing is performed at various stages of the code to identify potential risks early in the process. Ensure high-quality coding and deployment with rigorous testing at a granular level.

Continuous Deployment

Our DevOps implementation services include continuous deployment at the microservices level for an efficient, agile model. Such modular and quick deployments enhance the feedback loop and help detect issues early and fix them quickly. Ensure a quality delivery with automated & systematic change management.

Continuous Security

Innocrux is one of the best DevOps consulting companies that treats security as an integral part of the DevOps process. We make sure that any risks or threats are identified at every single phase of the application for end-to-end security.

Continuous Monitoring & Feedback

Modern application services should not stop after application deployment. We at Innocrux set up continuous automated monitoring tools for the live application that will send feedback & maintain logs to ensure secure and reliable functionalities.

  • Planning

  • Integration

  • Testing

  • Deployment

  • Security

  • Monitoring & Feedback

Innocrux’s DevOps Consulting Services and Solutions

Deploy and Deliver the Right Way

DevOps Containerization Services

Containerization helps in creating a scalable, DevOps-environment-friendly application. Innocrux is one of the best DevOps solution providers that specialize in managing containerized applications using Kubernetes while building & deploying securely within containers using Docker.

AWS DevOps Services

AWS DevOps consultant professional services help set up the best DevOps practices and processes with Amazon Web Services. With AWS continuous integrations and continuous delivery pipeline, deploy agile applications that use maximum automation for reduced cost and resources.

GCP DevOps Services

Innocrux is one of the best DevOps consulting companies to offer expert GCP DevOps services. In addition to the computing resources on Google, GCP DevOps also has the support of a wide range of tools which help in faster builds and product delivery with extreme reliability.

Azure DevOps Services

Innocrux offers expert services on the best-in-class Azure DevOps solutions for your platform. With fully loaded built-in functionalities, it is simple enough to deploy and automate the project workflow in a short span time. Our Azure DevOps consulting service can help deploy a truly flexible software.

Oracle Cloud DevOps Services

Oracle cloud DevOps tools and solutions enable development and operations teams to build, test, automate, and deploy apps rapidly to the production environment. Our Oracle-based DevOps services and solutions help to create a low-cost solution with a simple SDLC that can adapt with popular tools and environments.

Scale Up your Legacy Applications

Reinvent & Redefine

  • Application modernization consulting

  • Legacy to cloud migration

  • Application reengineering

  • Application

  • Application containerization


Our application modernization consulting experts help reinvent the application life cycle with the latest technology. With Innocrux as the DevOps managed service provider, assess the existing application and rebuild a more agile and scalable application that can adapt to the digital future.


Redefine your existing legacy applications with innovative technologies and improved user experience to stay ahead in the business. Our legacy application modernization services help redefine your business-critical application with improved flexibility and scalability. Migrating to cloud makes your application responsive and future-proof.


Innocrux’s DevOps Consulting services aids in a smooth reengineering of your outdated but vital application. We ensure proven strategies to transform and redefine the existing application with advanced architecture and modern technologies for continued service and reduced risk: recreate a scalable software.


‘Re-coding’ as a modern application service can reduce a lot of complications and get you back on track. Streamline broken and unwanted codes and add features, and improve the overall quality of the code; make your application robust and error-free.


Application containerization is a low-cost alternative to running an application on a Virtual Machine. With Docker containers and Kubernetes engine, deployment of changes & enhancements of isolated applications can be made smooth and quick on a sing host/OS.

Efficient & Agile Apps with DevOps Toolchain

Integrating technology and challenge

Continuous Integration

Code Management



Continuous Testing

Security Testing

Configuration Management


Trusted Associations & Certifications

The only validation that matters

The future of your application is
just a ‘DevOps’ away.

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